How to use wallet as your transaction confirmation:
1. Select your desired magazines then click buy or subscribe
2. Choose wallet as your payment method

If you have insufficient balance in your wallet, you can top up your wallet.

Choose the magazine you want to purchase, click wallet as your payment method. Payment will be deducted from the existing credit in your wallet. If you have insufficient credit, you can top up by:
1. Choose top up menu in your wallet
2. Enter the amount you want to top up
3. Select your payment method:
    - visa and mastercard
    - mandiri e cash
    - mobile phone charges/pulsa (XL, 3, indosat ooredoo)

A Continuous Service is an automated subscription service from HIGO where are going to renew your favourite publications automatically. This will apply one week before your subscription ends.

A charge in your payment method may be a result of your Continuous Service. If you have any other question regarding this issue, please send us a request immediately