A Digital Magazine Stand For Everyone

HIGOspot allows businesses to advance customer's experience by providing complementary digital magazines.

How HIGOspot works

Higo takes the the idea of WiFi and digital magazine even further. HIGOspot will be connected to your business WiFi, and there is no equipment needed to be installed. The procedure take less than a minute to integrate.

What's in it for you ?

No more storage cost

Reclaim your additional space and save the extra cash

No more tiding up

Stop the habit of cleaning up old magazines at your venue

No more time wasted

Spare your time from buying and stacking magazines at your spot

No more bored customers

Let your customers read digital magazines for free on their smartphone or tablet

Let your customers enjoy complimentary digital magazines at their comfort

Our Merchants

Brownstone Coffee, Thats Life Coffee, Husband N Wife Cafe, Coteca, Cake A Boo, Fillmore Cafe, Fukumimi Resto, Bakmie keriting, Overdoze Coffee, Emmetropia Coffee, Happy Coffee, Nasi Lada, Shisha, Fortu Coffee, Kedai Cangkir Kopi, Gerobak coklat kafe, Kove Shop, Kopi Temen

Shiine Salon, The Mafia Barbershop, Pilot Barbershop

Ayaka Suites, Avissa Suites, Rasuna Mansion